Corso di lettura di un libro in inglese articolato in 10 lezioni da 1.5 ore ciascuna, nelle quali si approfondiranno le tematiche lette a casa, ci si confronterà analizzando i vari aspetti del libro sempre in lingua inglese e si vedranno anche spezzoni del film tratto dal libro, per comprendere a pieno il significato, seguire meglio la vicenda e poter confrontare le due versioni. 

INIZIO CORSO: GIOVEDì 29 NOVEMBRE dalle 19.00-20.30

Requisiti: Possedere almeno un livello B1 (intermedio)

Orario: 19.00-20.30 

Durata: 10 lezioni da 1.5 ore ciascuna

Prezzo: € 290,00 + libro (circa € 20,00)

Titolo del Libro: Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

Autore: Louis de Bernières


Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, released simultaneously in the United States as Corelli’s Mandolin,[1] is a novel of 1994[2] by the British writer Louis de Bernières, set on the Greek island of Cephallonia during the Italian and German occupation of the Second World War.

The main characters are Antonio Corelli, an Italian army captain, and Pelagia, the daughter of the local physician, Dr Iannis. An important event in the novel is the massacre of Italian troops by the Germans in September 1943 – the Italian Acqui Division had refused to surrender and had fought the Germans for nine days before running out of ammunition. Some 1,500 Italian soldiers died in the fighting, 5,000 were massacred after surrendering, and the rest were shipped to Germany, of whom 3,000 drowned when the ship carrying them hit a mine.

In 2003, the novel was listed at number 19 on the BBC‘s survey The Big Read 

A film version of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was released in 2001, with Nicolas Cage as the Italian Captain Corelli, John Hurt as Dr Iannis, and Penélope Cruz as his daughter, Pelagia. The film, directed by John Madden, also starred Christian BaleIrene Papas and Joanna Daria Adraktas.

Along with reading and discussing the book, we’ll also view the film that has recently been made of this story on the last meeting.  Reading is an excellent way to expand your knowledge of a language, and we’ll also read out loud and work on our pronunciation when we meet. 

What better way to improve your speaking, pronunciation, and understanding of a foreign language than through books and film!   The novel Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, in the Penguin Readers version, offers an abbreviated but excellent version of this novel for English language students.  

This 5 week course will be guided by a mother tongue English language instructor and will meet every other Friday for two hours to share relevant passages of the book together in class, to discuss idioms, which is one of the ways in which reading helps us improve our knowledge of a language, to assist in perfecting pronunciation, and to to discuss themes and characters, along with viewing the accompanying film, all in English! 

So whether your goal is to improve or simply to practice your English, this course will help you, and you don’t have to be a literature enthusiast — you just have to find the time to read this abbreviated version of the book and to come to class as often as possible in order to discuss it!

ISCRIZIONE AL CORSO: Presso Easy World in Viale San Lazzaro 173 a Vicenza dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 9.30-12.30 e 15.00-19.30 oppure compilare il modulo online richiedendolo via email a, tel. 0444-962200

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